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DAY 1 (07.October2018):

Sun. 3pm - 430pm | Robert Hoffman

Sun. 445pm - 615pm | Kirsten Dodgen

DAY 2 (08.October2018):

Mon. 7pm - 830pm | Kirsten Dodgen

Mon. 830pm - 10pm | Kirsten Dodgen

DAY 3 (09.October2018):

Tues. 7pm - 830pm | Kirsten Dodgen

Tues. 830pm - 10pm | Kirsten Dodgen

Normal Workshop Price:


1 DAY: 70chf

2 DAYS: 120chf

3 DAYS: 150chf

ASD Member Workshop Price:

1 DAY: 60chf 

2 DAYS: 100chf

3 DAYS: 120chf

Send email to: to register.


You cannot take single classes. You can only purchase one day (2 classes), two days (4 classes), or three days (6 classes). If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to email us. 

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